Heart of Wisdom Monastery

A pop-up monastery for non-monastics


a pop-up monastery for non-monasticsIMG_3447

a spiritual oasis for all people

a diverse and inclusive refuge

a seedbed for prophets and justice-makers

a moveable feast for the Soul

an invitation to rest in the Presence of the Holy

renewal and nourishment for the journey

a teaching community offering Christian spiritual practices to all

a glimpse of the Body of Christ in the world

Join the monastery for upcoming retreats in each liturgical season: Advent/Autumn, Lent/Winter, Pentecost/Spring, Ordinary Time/Summer. More information.


both/and refuge: Christian & Buddhist practices in Lent

Saturday, February 13th, 2016   10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Plymouth Jazz and Justice Church
424 Monte Vista Ave, Oakland, CA

led by Abbess Joellynn Monahan & Teacher Michelle Murrain

Join Heart of Wisdom Monastery, in a diverse and inclusive** community to explore together how these two traditions can intertwine in our lives.  We come together in contemplative practice, diving into both Christian and Buddhist practices during a day of quiet, reflection and refuge.  What gems of insight and wisdom can we mine while in prayer and contemplation, and while paying attention, and cultivating compassion?  How can we find refuge in the Way of Jesus and the Middle Way of the Buddha?  Explore with us the richness in our embodied experience of meditation and prayer, in an open, welcoming space for people from different streams of Christian and Buddhist tradition and community.

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Pentecost Retreat – Saturday, June 21st, 2016
location tbd, Oakland, CA
A day with Heart of Wisdom Monastery in the first week of Pentecost with time for solitude and renewal in diverse and inclusive community; learn or renew practices to keep you through the season into ordinary time led by Abbess Joellynn Monahan

Heart of Wisdom Monastery Annual Retreat in Ordinary Timetbd July/August 2016
location tbd, CA
A pilgrimage into the Heart of Wisdom as part of a diverse and inclusive contemplative multi-day residential retreat led by Abbess Joellynn Monahan.