Professional Development for a New Generation of Thinkers

The next generation of leaders is hungry to advance in their careers, and support those around them, with integrity and compassion. The Certificate of Leadership and Innovation for an Unpredictable Future prepares your mid-career employees to guide your workforce through our rapidly-changing world.

Build strong teams with the ability to respond adaptively to today’s challenges

Empower your employees with the insights and skill set to be confident, visionary leaders. Your employees will guide your organization through today’s rapidly changing environment, driven by technological advances, divisive politics, environmental challenges, economic shifts, and racial, cultural and religious difference.

Drive employee productivity and retention through increased motivation and tangible, intersectional hard and soft leadership skills.

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Guide your workforce through our rapidly-changing world

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What topics will the certificate cover?

  • A design thinking framework to innovate with empathy, a renewed sense of clarity on ideas brought to collective decisions

  • How to embody grounded core values to avoid burn-out, and to bring their whole selves to their work

  • Compassionate and effective communications skills to facilitate difficult conversations between co-workers when tension arises

  • Practical knowledge (budgeting, human resources) to guide diverse teams towards strategic measurable growth.

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About the Ignite Institute

Bridging ancient sacred teachings and disruptive innovation, the Ignite Institute is a leadership and innovation lab in Berkeley, CA. Ignite develops visionary, socially-responsible leaders in both nonprofit and for-profit spaces, as well as creating innovative business models for social change.

We offer trainings and our Certificate in Innovation and Leadership for an Unpredictable Future to prepare changemakers to navigate our increasingly interconnected workplaces and society.