Certificate in Leadership and Innovation for an Unpredictable Future

  • Learn to harness our rapidly changing environment as an asset¬†with the latest innovation techniques and analysis

  • Collaborate and learn alongside a vibrant community of visionary leaders and innovators in your field

  • Gain exposure to historical social context and Silicon Valley best practices¬†to develop ethical, socially responsible, resilient leadership skills

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Our Unique Values: Innovating Bold Vision for Today’s Leaders

Social Analysis
Leadership and Vision
Social Analysis

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Innovation

We draw on sacred teachings and disruptive innovation to develop visionary leaders. Our partnerships range from a 150-year-old divinity school to cutting-edge design thinking firms.

Identity and Context

We explore how race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, and nationality shape how the world perceives us, and how we perceive others. We train leaders on how to engage diverse teams.

Social Responsibility

We believe that centering on core values enables innovators to engage their work in authentic and meaningful ways. All of our programs are geared towards creating a world where all can thrive.

Ignite Events: Sparking Deeper Social Innovation

October 17: Workshop, Berkeley

Difficult Discussions on Race: Stepping Forward or Stepping Back

October 21: Daylong Retreat, Berkeley

Decolonizing Social Innovation

November 7: Panel Discussion, San Francisco

How to Make an Impact Where You Are: Increase Your Social Return on Investment