Difficult Discussions

Upcoming Workshops:

September 26, 2017 – Difficult Discussions on Race

Location: Impact Hub Berkeley


We are so lucky to have access to a diversity of experiences here in the Bay Area. Learn to harness the power of your community and gracefully address difficult topics with colleagues and friends.

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These workshops are available for non-profit organizations, corporations, and groups

This workshop series will help participants develop skills for having conversations around complex and often conflicted topics on hidden illnesses (mental illness, addiction) and other challenging issues (such as racism) in ways that are constructive and life-affirming.  Moving from fostering a deep awareness of what each participant brings to conversations to developing ways of connecting with and appreciating the stories and experiences of others, we will seek to cultivate approaches, practices and understandings that empower participants to create spaces where differences can be generative and creative.  

 Let the Ignite Institute facilitate a difficult discussions workshop with your company, organization, or faith community. Contact: ignite@psr.edu