Decolonizing Social Innovation

This two hour workshop is available for non-profit organizations, corporations, and groups

Social innovation can provide solutions to our most pressing problems. And yet, the field of social innovation can also act as a colonizing movement — having negative impacts on communities, disrupting existing support structures, pushing people out of housing, and exacerbating tensions across racial, class, and gender divides.

What does it mean to “de-colonize”? How does this idea apply to social innovation and entrepreneurship? What is the current dominant social entrepreneurship narrative? How might our understanding of solutions grounded in community and spirituality bring marginalized narratives around social innovation forward?  How might changing this narrative help provide solutions to issues like gentrification, immigration, education and more? 

 Let the Ignite Institute facilitate a panel and discussion about decolonizing social innovation with your company, organization, or faith community. Contact: