Sacred Conversations is an invitation-only half-day conversational jakada and desi 2workshop for active social justice and community leaders. We believe that by engaging with each other and sharing our spiritual practices we can build resilience within ourselves and among our communities.  We believe that deepening one’s spiritual practice will yield greater harmony and power as we all work towards justice on Earth and in our cities.



raceSacred Conversations is not just about using spiritual practices to protect yourself from burnout.  Spiritual practices are vital for creating new options that bring us joy and strength along the journey.  Most importantly, shared spiritual practices are living food for our moral imagination as we envision a world full of justice for all.



Workshop includes:

  • Conversation prompts that guide participants to the heart-led spaces of our shared justice work
  • Facilitated group discussions
  • Sharing about personal spiritual practices
  • Physical embodiment exercises
  • Naming your own spiritual practices and taking away new ones

Sacred Conversations honors the tools and technologies of justice work while revealing that the place of ritual, contemplation and renewal is the very ground for justice work.

Upcoming 2015 dates: October 2 & December 4 

PSR, Berkeley.  Free.

RSVP here with passcode or contact us for more information.