What do today’s leaders need?


In a world that is increasingly diverse—racially, culturally, and religiously—today’s leaders navigate rapid technological advances, divisive politics, environmental challenges, economic shifts, and heightened mobility.

The Ignite Institute’s new Certificate in Innovation and Leadership for an Unpredictable Future equips nonprofit, healthcare, and private sector professionals to harness our rapidly changing environment as an asset.

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The Certificate of Leadership and Innovation for an Unpredictable Future is geared toward nonprofit, healthcare, and private sector professionals who want to grow their leadership skills to make a socially-responsible difference.

Specifically, we are inviting mid-career working professionals looking to take the next step in their careers. The Certificate will provide these leaders with tangible tools to approach work with integrity, meaning, and resilience.

Certificate Content

Social Analysis

Social Analysis

Building a Vital Mindset for an Unpredictable Future

We live and work in a vast network of interconnected systems, in which even subtle changes in a single node can make an impact on the whole network. Recognizing and appreciating the multiple social systems in which we’re embedded increases our capacity for flexibility in uncertain conditions. These sessions invite a broad awakening to how systems of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, economics, and ecology function in contemporary society and in our workplaces.

Leadership and Vision

Leadership and Vision

Developing an Authentic Leadership Style

Every leader is shaped by a familial and cultural history; every leader likewise leads within particular social and cultural contexts. Enhancing an individual’s leadership style relies, to a large degree, on a deep awareness of self: One’s own gifts, skills, and barriers. This session invites a “deep dive” into the social constructed self, toward articulating a bold vision for authentic styles of effective leadership.

Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and Innovation

Expanding Critical Thinking Capacity and Acquiring Skill Sets for Problem-Solving

Everyone can increase the capacity for creativity, which is an essential component in navigating an unpredictable future without attempting to control it. These lectures and workshops emphasize skills for critical thinking and “thinking outside the box” for a vision of innovative leadership.

Social Analysis

Business Best Practices

Critical Tools for Sustainable Operations

Ethical and socially responsible leaders understand that their business operations impact wider social and ecological systems. Participants will gain practical tools for running organizations effectively, then frame these practical skills with a view toward sustainable working conditions, thriving communities, and environmental sustainability.

Path Forward

Visionary, Adaptable, Collaborative: The Path Forward

Enhancing the Skills and Art of Compelling Communication and Execution

Coaching for individuals and groups will distill the perspectives and approaches of the program into a unique project for bold leaders.


The four-month long certificate, from February to May 2018, is designed specifically for working professionals. The certificate includes lectures and workshops in Berkeley, online classes, and site visits to innovative organizations throughout the Bay Area. Instructors are leaders in their respective fields of innovation, social change, tech, and government.

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For more information, contact Derene Allen, Executive Director of the Ignite Institute: deallen@psr.edu, 510/849-8216