How do you pursue authentic belonging for yourself + others not like you?

change happens now season 1 Jan 07, 2021

Vivian Mabuni, National Speaker and Writer

On this episode, we drop in with Vivian Mabuni, national speaker, writer, wife, mom, Christian, and cancer survivor, whose different worlds influence who she is and how she leads in big ways. She shares her journey in coming to terms with her Asian American identity and applying her cultural background to how she leads, as well as being cognizant of how others from different backgrounds may lead. We learn how to take notes from more collectivist cultures in how we lead and how we can be more considerate of others we are working within our organizations. She also talks about her joys in hosting Someday Is Here, her brand-new podcast created for Asian American women on leadership and culture.

Check out her Books: Warrior in Pink,  Open Hands Willing Heart

Listen to her Podcast: Someday is Here

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Twitter: @vivmabuni



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