What does yoga have to do with a holistic approach to leadership?

Feb 25, 2021

 Victoria Rosales, Holistic Health Coach + Founder of SHARED

 In this episode we drop in with Victoria Rosales, holistic health coach, retreat leader, and community organizer. Founder of SHARED, a popup retreat and workshop space that exists to cultivate and support a conscious and wakeful community, her contemplative approach embraces ancient wisdom traditions and modern psychology to invite individuals into a life of wholeness. She's also a consultant who partners with and trains organizations in contemplative spirituality and incorporating postures of silence and stillness toward individual and community wellness goals. In this episode she shares how she provides sustained support to the community, and offers practical invitations for the human spirit to be awakened to its true nature...one of wholeness, fortitude, and purpose.

You'll be moved and inspired by her insights into self inquiry and interpersonal contemplative spirituality, which she shares is like an ancient technology that plays a key role in developing an inner witness, that allows us to see with clear eyes and clear perspective what needs to change.

Website: sharedsacredspace.com

Instagram: victoria_rosales





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