What can a mountaineer teach us about building character?

change happens now season 1 Dec 07, 2020

Hap Klopp, The North Face

On this episode, our special guest, Hap Klopp sits down with us to share some gems from his life as an adventurer, executive, academic, author and force behind the brand that is The North Face, where he served as President and CEO for over 20 years. He answers the big question of how this current moment (pandemic, poverty, and protest) demands us to shift our approaches to leadership and the beauty in a ‘planetary well-being’ perspective, over a ‘profits as paramount’ approach to business. He offers insightful invitations for the leader in all of us, to have a creative wide- open, fun approach business. He's the author of the highly acclaimed book on leadership: “Conquering The North Face, an Adventure in Leadership” and a recently released best selling book on business in Silicon Valley entitled, “Almost", both available on Amazon. If you'd like to dive deeper and see more of Hap's work, visit him on Instagram @hapklopp.



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Hap Klopp on Building a Brand that Transforms


Hap Klopp, founder of the North Face, shares his wisdom with you. His company name is synonymous with pushing the limits of innovation and design, so that its customers can push their own limits and never stop exploring. As we find ourselves in a season of great disruption, looking to the future with intention has never been more important. In this Living Workshop, Hap will draw on his vast experience to inspire your journey into wisdom and leadership, and encourage you to do something just as disruptive, for the good of others.

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