Centering Liberation For Communities Of Color

Jun 16, 2022

Heidi Lepe, Brown Beloved Collective

On this episode we sat down with Heidi Lepe, a Honduran-Mexican writer, theologian, and storyteller from West Los Angeles. As the founder of Brown Beloved Co., a collective space at the intersection of faith, raíces (cultural roots), and justice, her work centers on the spirituality and liberation of Brown women, the Brown church, and Latine/x communities in the U.S.  Heidi is also a current student at Duke University Divinity School, pursuing her Master of Divinity degree, and she shares what it has been like for her as a Latina woman in seminary. This conversation explores what liberation could look like for communities of color, when we decolonize what most of us have been taught about Christianity, and center those voices instead. 










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