How can you see the world and your work through spiritual lenses?

change happens now season 1 Jan 07, 2021

Roger Heuser, Vanguard University

On this episode, we sit down with Roger Heuser, an amazing leader, Professor of Leadership Studies at Vanguard University, and cancer survivor. He has a heartfelt conversation with us about gifts that exist, for emerging and established leaders, when they embrace spirituality, and invites us all to see spirituality as a journey inward to reframe the journey outward. He talks about why, in this time of multiple crises, we need leaders who are hospitable, humble, courageous, and who can sacrifice in the service of others. You'll also hear some practical invitations to begin seeing your work through a spiritual lens.

To get in touch with Roger, email at [email protected] or LinkedIn

Resources mentioned on the episode:

Inclusify by Stephanie Johnson

Robert Greenleaf - Servant Leadership

A Spiritual Audit of Corporate America by Ian Mitroff

Better World Books


Emma Seppala - Author, Speaker & Science Director, Stanford Center For Compassion And Altruism Research And Education



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