How the "potluck" approach supports culturally empowered expressions of leadership

change happens now season 1 Jan 07, 2021

Dr. Joyce Del Rosario, Pacific School of Religion

On this episode, we are joined by the fabulous Dr. Joyce Del Rosario, Assistant Professor, Practice of Ministry and Director of Community Engaged Learning at Pacific School of Religion. She is a second Generation Filipino American whose current research is with an affectionately named group of Filipino American religious scholars called the "Theo Adobo Collective". She’s run programs in various cultural and economic communities for over 20 years and launched The Wedge, a videocast series for Asian Americans about Asian Americans doing social justice work. Here she shares more about the potluck approach to leadership and why culturally empowered expressions of leadership are critical in this time.

Resources mentioned on this week's episode:

Inheritance Magazine

Liberated Together by Erna Kim Hackett



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