Untold Stories of Latinx Leaders

change happens now season 5 Oct 19, 2022

Dr. Peter Rios, Pacific School of Religion


On this episode, we sat down with Dr. Peter Rios, author, leadership consultant, professor at the Pacific School of Religion, and Ignite's Academic Director, to learn what he discovered about himself that led him to shift from teaching in churches to teaching in classrooms and within organizations. He talks with us about the limited voices and representation in higher education and the corporate sector, and what it takes to bring justice and equity to these spaces. He highlights the importance of seeking out coaches or mentors from marginalized spaces, so people of color can continue to do the hard work of justice for human flourishing and organizational thriving. We learn how white supremacy doesn't just harm people of color, and the importance of us all fighting for a more just, equitable world for all. 

Dr. Rios' book: Untold Stories: The Latinx Leadership Experience in Higher Education 

Website: https://www.peterriosconsulting.com/















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