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Living Workshop #3

Neil Goldberg, Founder, Praxis Design 


Wise Design Leadership

After a 40-year career observing and participating in the transformation of design practice with companies such as Herman Miller and his own firm, Praxis Product Design, Neil Goldberg has set out on a project to situate our creative agency at the center of human experience. In this course, he guides you into the world of design thinking, design consciousness, and its intersection with the work of leadership, justice, and innovation. The stories and lessons shared come from his years of experience as a designer, leader and teacher. You'll learn the steps of design thinking and how to integrate the choreography into your own leadership. You'll also develop your own mindfulness practice anchored in core soul-traits you choose to incorporate into your ongoing growth curriculum. It's all about discovering how to view social injustices as artifacts of design, opening up the possibility for innovative solutions.


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Living Workshop #2

Hap Klopp, Founder, The North Face 


Building a Brand that Transforms

Hap Klopp, founder of the North Face, shares his wisdom with you. His company name is synonymous with pushing the limits of innovation and design, so that its customers can push their own limits and never stop exploring. As we find ourselves in a season of great disruption, looking to the future with intention has never been more important. In this Living Workshop, Hap will draw on his vast experience to inspire your journey into wisdom and leadership, and encourage you to do something just as disruptive, for the good of others.


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Living Workshop #1 

Rev. Aizaiah Yong, Phd

& Jonathan Murillo, M.Div 


Introduction to Wisdom Based Leadership 

Aizaiah and Jonathon will introduce you to the four core elements of Wisdom Based Leadership and guide you through making shifts in your own personal leadership and life, through reflection and practice. If you're just beginning your journey, or looking to make a change, this Living Workshop is designed for you. You'll hear the core concepts, discover practical applications, and gain a deeper understanding of how wisdom informs your leadership aspirations so you can create positive transformation that is sustainable, inclusive and honoring to all.


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