Social Transformation and Your Work

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?


The New Story of Work

Politics, Spirituality, and Labor: Continuing the Conversation


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Training, supporting, and inspiring spiritually-rooted changemakers


Webinars focus on social justice issues and include progressive Christian theological frameworks for meaning making, resources for faith leaders, and tools for community engagement.


We host conferences and workshops that bring together activists, scholars, spiritual community leaders, and changemakers.


Trainings are facilitated by scholars, community organizers, activists, artists, and spiritual leaders.  Our workshops and trainings are interactive, experiential, and co-created by those we serve.


We offer quarterly retreats that provide a pause in a busy life of work — time to reflect, connect to the sacred, and ground yourself in your deepest values.


Regular spiritual practice groups focused on a particular practices. These groups are specifically designed to provide a continuing focus on spiritual practice and support for deepening your spiritual formation.

Thought Leadership

Ignite is on the leading edge of identifying, developing, and supporting spiritual practices for social transformation.

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